Enneagram Workshop Details

Newtownabbey Women’s Group – Intro. to the Enneagram Day 27th January 2018 at Marine Court Hotel, Bangor, Northern Ireland




Enneagram Workshops take place at your chosen venue

A relaxed atmosphere is encouraged, so that participants can enjoy the process of self-discovery at their own pace.

Power-Point Presentation with course materials

One Day Introduction to the Enneagram 9.30am to 4.30pm £50 per person

Week-End Introduction to the Enneagram Fri evening to Sun lunch-time or Sat to Sun lunch-time £80 per person

* Get an appreciation of how our 3 Centres of Intelligence operate within us; Head, Heart & Gut Centres.

* Gain extra awareness on our communication styles.

* identify Enneagram Style & how it differs and can be similar to those we live & work with.

* Take in another person’s point of view, in a non-judgmental way.

* Boost Self-Esteem & enhance self-confidence via Mindfulness.

* Use 2 short guided meditations, which leads to a deep understanding, acceptance & compassion for self and others.

* Panel Interviews with people who represent each of the Centres, to discern how ‘focus of attention’ is different.

* These Workshops are an enjoyable way, to relax and get to know yourself, from a different point of view.

You can self-identify your Enneagram Type, by downloading the APP ‘Know Your Type’ by Ginger Lapid-Bogda (see ‘Moya highly recommends’), or complete on-line tests, many are free.

To find out more about  workshops at your chosen venue, please use the ‘Contact Moya’ form and she will reply within 24 hours. Or telephone Belfast Northern Ireland +442890222930