Skype or FaceTime Enneagram Coaching with Moya

Skype or FaceTime Enneagram Coaching Sessions are for people who have self-identified their Enneagram Type.

You can self-identify your Enneagram Type, by downloading the APP ‘Know Your Type’ by Ginger Lapid-Bogda  £1.96 / 2.99 USA Dollars  (see ‘Moya highly recommends’), or complete on-line tests, many are FREE.

Designed to enhance self-awareness and resolve issues between yourself and others, these sessions will progressively explore:

What is your Enneagram Type?

What stops you being ‘Present’?

‘Passion’ of  Type and how it shows up in daily life.

‘Receptivity vs Reactivity’ – noticing how responses change according to stimulus positive/negative/neutral.

Wings of your Enneagram Type and their influence.

Sub-Types (1 to 1 Sexual, Self-Preservation, Social) how energy is channelled through the ‘Passion’ of Type.

Noticing how ‘Passion’ of Type in another person, can push your buttons!!

Learning how to align your 3 Centres of Intelligence (Head/Heart/Gut), so that you experience ‘groundedness’, self-acceptance & compassion for self and others.

Follow-up sessions will include, links to relevant YouTube videos and meditation practices, which will be sent to you.

By way of introducing ourselves to each other, I offer you a FREE 30mins. Skype or FaceTime Session.

Follow-on Skype or FaceTime Enneagram Coaching sessions, 1hr & 15mins. £40 (or equivalent). Payment via PayPal a receipt will be sent to you.

Moya’s Skype Name enneagram6

Or Request FaceTime

Send me a request (mention Enneagram), and I will add you to my Skype or FaceTime contacts, so we can arrange a suitable FREE 30mins., time-slot.  I look forward to hearing from you.


With pleasure!

My sessions with Moya were an absolute joy!  As a type 9 Moya assisted me in exploring my ‘need to keep the peace’, and I was amazed when I took a step back and looked at this as an underlying motive for so many of my behaviours. I have become more aware of my tendency to sink into the background and make myself invisible in certain situations. I’ve learnt that a big part of my growth involves making my own voice heard through identifying and sharing my own beliefs/values/opinions. Moya taught me a simple grounding practice and meditation, as well as sending helpful follow up materials including videos and notes, all of which have been successful in increasing my presence. This in turn has helped me to be aware of my habits of excessive daydreaming and ‘slothing’. Moya has a relaxed personable approach, and she was very compassionate in providing guidance during the Skype sessions. I will definitely recommend Moya to any friends and family and the sessions were well worth the price.

Robin Smyrl

Thanks again Moya

**Michelle Monet**   “I am in the U.S.  I have had many sessions with Moya Morris via Skype and they have been immensely helpful.  She is a warm-hearted, knowledgable and encouraging person.  I highly recommend her!!  I’m also looking forward to more sessions with her.  She has already inspired me in so many ways.  I am an ennea 4 :)”